What We Do

Every pet we see is treated as a member of our family.  From simple bath and nail trim to a full groom we believe every pet is special and deserves to be treated that way!  Even those with special behavioral or medical needs are welcome at Waggerz.  Our staff is highly trained to handle even the most delicate of babies!  Our staff is trained in Pet CPR and First Aid!


Who We Are

Waggerz was founded by a group of professional groomers who were tired of the big box ethos of “sell more, do less”.  With over 45 years of animal handling and training experience, we will always put your pet first.  We are dedicated to not only providing exceptional service to you and your pet, but also to our planet. 

We use 100% all natural ingredients

We use only all natural, eco friendly shampoos, conditioners, sprays and even our cleaning products are green!

100% all natural

Make an Appointment

Contact us for specific breed pricing and full details on all the services we offer.

We require proof of up to date rabies and distemper vaccinations for all services.